Datamolino – Automated Data Entry

Datamolino – Automated Bookkeeping

While Xero like other accounting solutions help you manage your financial affairs. All such system lack some of the same aspects other types of systems offer. Generally speaking accounting software offers you the ability to see where your business has been and could be heading. The accounting system data displays in various forms such as via GUI (graphical user interface) and or raw data. However they’re all lacking the ability to manage invoices, bills and receipts in an effective somewhat automated fashion like accounting professionals, with Datamolino.

The sensible answer to the age-old problem of receipt management etc is Datamolino. Not only can it help you save time, it also helps reduce your overall accounting costs. It does this by removing the need for someone to do what Datamolino does today, tomorrow. Would you want to save money and or time? We believe you would, if you could and given you can, it’s just a matter of making contact and we’ll hook you up.

Account Wise have been bookkeeping and testing accounting solutions for a considerable amount of time now. While other such systems have good aspect to them, many also have bad ones too. Datamolino however are not only supportive, they listen to what’s missing in other such systems. Then built theirs based on everything that’s wrong with the alternatives. While no solution is ever perfect, Datamolino is by far the best option available to you today for this purpose.

It simplifies the tedious tasks and the need to store all those daft little receipts. It also offers other such advantages. Datamolino’s directed at accounting professionals for supply to clients to streamline their files with the respective accounts. Given this, the video above is targeting accounting professionals. However it still provides some insight into how things work at a user level. I will add however it doesn’t cover the fact this solution also works with both Apple and Android via apps for mobile processing.