CoronaVirus – COVID-19/SARS-COV-2

This notice is due to the latest CoronaVirus – The COVID-19 Pandemic

Hope you’re all staying safe and taking this downtime to recharge. It’s also a great time to spend time on your business. We’re still working from home, as we’ve always done.
Below we’ve also included some useful links:

  • Government’s COVID-19 website, here
  • Financial Support can be found, here
  • Inland Revenue assistance, here
  • Business and Contingency Planning, here

GST is coming up as it’s the financial year-end and returns still need to be filed. If you need cash flow planning I’m happy to work with you.
Also, if you rent commercial premises, check your lease agreement. You may be entitled to reduced rent. If in doubt check-in with your lawyer.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Additional CoronaVirus Related Information

Further material for you during the national state of emergency

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Physical Address Office Closed Today

While we’re working, as usual, we’re also undergoing renovations. Our physical address office closed until further notice.

Until then, please don’t turn up here at our premises.

Instead, request a meeting via our online appointment scheduler. You can select up to three (3) different time slots in order of preference. We’ll select the one that works best for us while noting your preferred option.

We will either meet at “your or other” premises such as a café or the like. So select the applicable option when requesting an appointment via our contact scheduler.

We look forward to hearing from you and catching up somewhere other than here.

Walking Stars 2019

Walking Stars 2019

Ivana lost her mother Sandra on 06-12-2015 to Multiple Myeloma, a terminal blood cancer. This attacked her bone marrow and for her, it was extremely aggressive. Walking Stars 2019 donations help to provide free services for cancer patients and their families. Also included are nursing, psychology, accommodation and voluntary transport to people in the community.

Since Sandra’s passing scientists have discovered genes to potentially switch these cells on or off. They also shed light on new therapeutic targets for the disease. In New Zealand, there are 63 people diagnosed with cancer every single day.

Ivana is taking part in a night-time Walking Stars 2019 half marathon raising funds to support New Zealanders affected by cancer. This is in memory of Sandra and anyone going through or been through the cancer journey.

Please support my fundraising efforts by making a donation using the ‘Give Now’ link. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Team Account Wise

Helpful Site Updates

Updates and Changes Beyond

For some time we’ve intended to improve the navigation of this post. We wanted to wait until WordPress 5 was out for a bit to see what else it offered. In our opinion this major release improved the platform for the average user. Market share reflects this, jumping to 34% of the net.

Below here you’ll see the table of contents we created which you can navigate back to using the history icons for the previous site updates. We also added up and down arrows allowing you to navigate one entry to the next, from any of the recent and or previous entries respectively.

Plus we recently added some polls in an attempt to see what our visitors think of this site and the direction these viewers would like it to take. Given this we also created a poll archive and included a point of contact for any suggestions that the poll categories don’t specifically cover.

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