Business Owners – Sensible Business Practice Part 3

Business Owners Systems

While it would be great if business owners could have time off and do everything needing no one else, so no extra wage related expenses, whether they’re employees or part-time professional such as Lawyers, accountants, or bookkeepers however it’s not practical and in most instances, it’s just not possible.

It’s critical to engage the right person(s) to undertake the tasks you can’t. Let face it, most business owners don’t want to do everything, so finding the right team is potentially going to make all the difference between whether you just stay afloat, sink like a rock or crack into markets you never thought possible when first starting out.

Business owners tend to want to have time to relax, party, spend quality time with family, friends, travel and own flash things etc. This is all very well for those who’ve worked to build a good solid foundation. It’s not something anyone new to business should consider (regardless of those engaged) until such time as systems get set in concrete.

You really must figure out how things will work best and who you’ll entrust to undertake tasks they’re best suited too. After all you want them to help you move aspects of your company forward which you as business owners have assigned them in a positive direction. Without using good systems you really have nothing to build upon.

While as business owners it’s important to keep an eye on all aspect of your business, it’s also useful to know that undermining those you’ve entrusted to carry out tasks you don’t understand is really silly. If you don’t get how to do something, make sure you engage those who do and work with them, ultimately having them do it for you.

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