Polling Viewer Thoughts

Visitor Viewer Polls

As you may be aware, we host our own sites. This way we have hands on control over our online presence. We literally have the freedom to do whatever we want. So we decided to start polling viewer thoughts in order to find out what you’d like to see improved or included.

First and foremost we prioritize keeping our sites as clean and as fast as possible. Things like image sliders and the like add life and can be useful. They also however tend to create unnecessary weight re page loading and or become annoying distractions over time.

That said, we’d like to know what our viewers believe would be beneficial to include in the interest of other visitors. Perhaps then we can move in that general direction at some point. To achieve this we decided to run some polls to capture our viewer thoughts.

[poll id=”1″] [poll id=”2″]

Vote and Share

Please take a second to vote in each poll and share to one or more of your favorite social media networks. At the time of this post, only closed polls were set to appear in our poll archive. This may change without notice in the future if our polling requirements differ.

If we establish a direction of interest we may add additional polls to refine the result. Lets say New Features and Regular Blog receives the most votes. We might create an additional poll for each, breaking those answers down with approximately five options, like the original polls.

It’s bound to take time to establish a direction via polling feedback so they’ll likely remain open for some time. Depending on interest, future posts may be added below this one on our blog. We’re interested in your opinion and any ideas you have regarding small to medium business.

Have ideas you believe will benefit others, let us know. If you cant express such via polls, feel free to contact the Network / Director, subject “Polling Viewer Thoughts”. Your input is much appreciated as we continue to improve the Account Wise site, making it a useful resource.