Mentor to Five Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys Import Adventure

We wish to thank Ivana for all of her help when it came to learning how to import products from China. We (at five little monkeys) are very new to this and she was more than happy to offer us great advice.

It’s very intimidating the first time you embark on a new adventure such as importing and to have such solid advice from Ivana made us consider all our options so much more carefully. She opened our eyes to many factors that we hadn’t considered.

Ivana is very friendly and she responded to our questions in a very easy to understand way. She has a very encouraging manner about her and we will continue to work with her.

Five Little Monkeys – Facebook – Lorna and Kylie

Paramount Family Trust

Family Trust

Ivana Dryland has been managing the accounts for our family trust since 1996.

During that time the accounts have been correct and efficiently done, plus bills get paid on time.

She has prepared our books when audited by our accountant to her satisfaction.

I have no hesitation in recommending her services as being capable to prepare books and do accounts both inwards and outwards.

Sandra Lee Tolich