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For some time we’ve intended to improve the navigation of this post. We wanted to wait until WordPress 5 was out for a bit to see what else is offered. In our opinion, this major release improved the platform for the average user. Market share reflects this, jumping to 35% of the net.

Below here you’ll see the table of contents we created which you can navigate back to using the history icons for the previous site updates. We also added up and down arrows allowing you to navigate one entry to the next, from any of the recent and or previous entries respectively.

Plus we recently added some polls in an attempt to see what our visitors think of this site and the direction these viewers would like it to take. Given this, we also created a poll archive and included a point of contact for any suggestions that the poll categories don’t specifically cover.

In the future, we may move from font awesome 4 to 5 or a similar custom version using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) images. This would help improve both site performance and design possibilities. The library is small but it does currently load regardless of whether it’s used or not.

If we add said updates we will either host and load just the icons used or connect to a CDN (content delivery network). Both methods will reduce our page weight by about 300 KB. This may not sound like much however every bit helps with the page load time and web ranking.

Previous Site Updates

8th of July, 2018   

The latest site updates came about as a result of the law, both in force and or coming into force. One such law is the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering of Financing Terrorism Act 2009 (NZ). The next being the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) which in short covers Privacy for the European Union. It became enforceable on the 25th of May 2018. With UK leaving the EU in 2019, assent got granted to the Data Protection Act 2018 on the 23rd of May 2018.

The NZ Government also recently made similar changes by reforming the Privacy Act 1993 upgrading the current law. The intention is to better cater for Internet-related Privacy, much like in Europe. The Privacy Bill (the Bill) repeals and replaces the Privacy Act 1993 (the Act), as recommended by the Law Commission’s 2011 review of said Act.

The Privacy Bill is expected to come into force on the 1st of July 2019. The intentions to come into force 6 months after enactment therefore date changes may take place during the legislative passage. To improve our legal position we’ve updated our Terms and Conditions and added a new Privacy Policy. Changes to said legal content will take place and may occur without notice, so be sure to stay current.

13th of June, 2018    

To improve the sites load time we undertook the following updates. During the process, we decided to make alterations to the menu adding helpful login links. Additionally, we’re considering other such improvements.

First up we addressed the sites load time leaving aspects that could potentially create issues later. Also, some speed improvements would be so small they’d likely be undetectable in practical terms.

Changes included lazy loading video and image files where possible, plus improvements to caching. On average our site makes less than half the requests, pages are half the weight and time to load halved.

The updates increased our Google PageSpeed Insights and YSlow scores and as a result, the site is faster. This will help improve the sites organic search potential while improving the general experience, especially on mobile. For anyone interested, the GTmetrix performance blog explains this in more detail.

Additionally, we may introduce a mobile-only version using a community-based project called AMP. In short, AMP strips out all the bell and whistles leaving pretty much just the content itself. It basically loads the text only, so it’s lightning-fast while using minimal data.

Furthermore, here are two useful AMP sites. One for the creation of and one for validation. This site also includes other tools to improve your pages in various ways. Check them out.

11th of November, 2017    

For some time now we’ve wanted to make improvements to our services page. Pretty much since it was first built as it turns out. The good news is we finally got the opportunity to make changes to improve this aspect of the site.

During this process, we tested a number of solutions only to find most had their own issues. Despite this, however, we finally found a solution in answer to this problem. After spending another bunch of hours we built something we’re satisfied with.

These changes have transformed our Xero bookkeeping plans making them easier to understand. The updates to our pricing table offer improved detail while using less space. Not only that, it’s responsive in a practical way. It’s also now using the entire width of the site providing a much-improved experience in comparison.

17th of February, 2017    

After a considerable amount of work re-configuring, updating and testing we have our sites to a point we feel happy. Therefore it’s time to remove the “We’re Moving Host” pinned post. Everything is now working better than before the migration.

We have also introduced SSL. Plus the new server offers things like HTTP/2 and many other features. Essentially they enhance the caching and how the browser(s) reads data, decreasing website load time while providing better security.

We have since found a solution to the SSL issue we had with our contact form and appointment scheduling system. While it’s potentially a temporary solution, it’s working as it should, functioning perfectly via SSL.

30th of January, 2017    

Unfortunately, we are not going to have this site to the point we wanted by the intended date. This is due to some unforeseen issues with a couple of plugins causing issues with respect to utilising SSL. We will need to wait to hear from these providers and find a solution.

This notice will stay here until everything’s set up, tested and confirmed working on the new host. We expect to take this notice down before the month’s end being 31st of January 2017 28th of February 2017.

8th of January, 2017    

The server migration finished ahead of schedule on the 1st of January 2017. There was little to no downtime.

However, as of today, we’re working on changing our server layout in an effort to find a way to configure things more efficiently with the new hosting account features.

During the following fortnight or thereabouts this site may go offline for a short time while we test changes. We apologise for any inconvenience it may cause.

Our contact and booking system’s fixed, excluding SSL. The problem was a minor styling related issue impacting the contact form due to a provider update issue.

21st of November, 2016    

Please note that over the Christmas period we’re moving to a better host.

We’ve used our original hosting provider since well before incorporating Double D Works Ltd in 2008. We feel moving host marks a time in our business of significant improvement. This change has come about from our progression resulting in outgrowing the previous service.

We expect our website(s) should only be out for a few hours and emails for no more than 72. It could be less however it would be best to expect them to be out of action for a few days. If you need to contact us during this period, then please phone us on 0800 339 6757 021 048 5250.

We expect to carry out this account migration at some point from the 24th of December 2016. We plan to have everything completed by the 2nd of January 2017.

2nd of October, 2016    

Today we released important updates to our bookkeeping services page.

Our bookkeeping services come in three packs. We hope the additions are helpful in understanding what custom bookkeeping services we offer to suit your business needs.

Additional updates are coming. We will however potentially start such improvements once we’ve moved host. We hope you find them beneficial.

29th of July, 2016    

We’ve made changes introducing some new content. We also made updates to our site layout to improve user experience on desktop and mobile browsers.

We started by adding another column of links to the footer. Other than the obvious, this creates a more consistent layout across various display resolutions. The right sidebar increased from 25% to 30%. This allows the Twitter feed and other content to fit better along with any future additions.

Other updates applied to the site include the new Team Profiles page. Here you will find information about Team Account Wise such as their email addresses, phone numbers, plus some personal interests and the like.

Updates to the theme included a few nice aspect improvements and more are coming. Want one of the best, affordable Premium WordPress themes? We challenge you to find a better one than this. If you find this level of product versus support, we’ll be more than a little surprised.

30th of April, 2016    

The Account Wise site has undergone alterations related to Search Engine Optimisation to increase organic search engine traffic. Both visible and hidden aspects of the site have changed. A good part of the text has undergone a rewrite.

After altering the main pages and two-thirds of the blog content we’ve gone live with the changes to test the impact they have on Google and other search engines. Further changes will take place as the site evolves and we look for more organic traffic.

During the last month or so we introduced an improved IRD Tax Agent Authority agreement and the New Staff Member Pack in downloads, plus the floating navigation menu and the back to top button that appears in the lower right corner when you scroll down the page, along with our new company Terms and Conditions.

Among the new visible features released today are breadcrumbs. They help you and search engines understand how the sites are laid out. Therefore it’s easier to find your way home (or wherever), much like Hansel and Gretel intended to do.

Our HTML Sitemap tree structure provides this information in another format. The breadcrumb and sitemap features will become more and more useful as contents are added.

You may also notice our blogs are laid out differently putting more content on the home page. We believe the contents are easily accessible and more user-friendly. When you click a read more link expects to get sent to the exact location you left off from. We did this so you don’t have to find where you were to seamlessly continue reading on. Related posts also now display below each post so you can find associated content with ease.

For the Geeks; the read more jump is in part handled by CSS to alter the core function allowing for the depth of the floating menu on this awesome theme however this CSS will likely be swapped out for a JavaScript solution to further improve this default action given JavaScript can make changes automatically according to activated theme functions providing a consistent user experience. If you believe this jump is not working as you would expect it to, please let us know.

6th of January, 2015   

With the New Year comes a fresh new look, site updates and approach for 2015 and beyond.

The changes will aid us in sharing information with you, essential or otherwise. This will potentially help simplify management aspects of your business, account wise.

Accurate accounting is critical to anyone seeking to stay in business and succeed to their full potential.

We will post updates as they come to light, from obligations tax-wise to useful updates in Xero among other things like downloads through to ways to search the site for information and that’s just the beginning.

Periodically the site will go off-line as we make site-wide changes and backups etc. This is likely to happen more often in the early stages of development. We appreciate your patience during these times.

We hope you find all the changes helpful as things evolve. Any information provided is for your use according to our Terms and Conditions. Please feel free to share anything you like with others on that basis.

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