Account Wise is Xero Certified

Xero Certified Benefits

Being Xero certified has many advantages for managing Xero accounts. Clients get benefits from things they would not ordinarily know. Account Wise believe that compared to their competitors, there’s no comparison. Xero is an exceptional solution for any small to medium business.

Powerful while Simple

Xero is powerful and provides flexibility while being simple to use. The free support is fantastic and includes many video training references that make sure you meet a superb understanding of your accounts.

Get Mobility and Security

It has never been easier to get cash flow in real-time. Simply login anywhere, at any time. We have now managed Xero accounts when required during travels in the Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Australia, Samoa and of course at various locations around New Zealand and all from within a secure environment.

Automatic Updates

There is no need to concern yourself with installing updates as happens with most if not all other accounting packages. You’re advised through secure mail within Xero of any scheduled maintenance or new features introduced.

Eliminate Data Loss

No need to remember to back up your system data, as you stay backed up automatically. Unlike conventional computer installed software packages which quire the user/client to install updates with Xero, it’s all done for you behind the scenes taking that onus off of the user/client.

Automate Bank Reconciliation

Once your bank statement data communicates with Xero sending your transactions automatically which get imported daily from any major bank within NZ. We can recommend banks that manage this and another aspect extremely well, providing seamless integration.

Bank Rules

Rules created in Xero simplify many aspects of the accounting process. As a Xero certified advisor, Account Wise can help you develop practical rules so that they work with your bank feed(s) minimising time spent reconciling.

Connect with your Accountant

There is a fantastic feature to ask your accountant/book-keeper questions from within Xero which they will see upon login and can respond to you in due course. Any reply will be found in the same way.

Financial Reporting

Reporting in Xero is quick and easy. You can save your favourite reports and drill (accessing) into the original transactions easily.

Invoices are Simple

Create, send or email invoices automatically, with the ability to get paid via PayPal.

Pay Bills from Xero

Manage your spending and make batch payments to creditors.

Innovative Expense Claims

Handle personal expenses or motor vehicle log by reviewing and approving receipts, with the ability to attach the original by PDF, PNG, GIF or JPEG eliminating the need to keep receipts.

Payroll Solutions

Xero is a basic payroll system that track wage expenses (You must upgrade to get this feature) however we suggest using PaySauce. It’s streets ahead, offering many more benefits such as processing portions of tax as and when required.

Track Inventory in Xero

Track basic inventory movements and make invoices easier with inventory items (This feature is an upgrade if required).

Contact us

If for any reason the benefits highlighted here neglect to mention a specific feature you need, it’s potentially available and an answer is only an email away. Contact us, your Xero certified advisor.

Last updated on January 1st, 2022 at 09:30 pm