Account Wise Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Interpretation

In the terms and conditions any Item(s) quotation, offer, agreement, invoice and or any other documentation, the “Company” shall mean Double D Works Ltd employees and or agents there of. The “Purchaser” shall mean the person(s) or company to whom the Item(s) quotation, offer, agreement, invoice or any other such documentation pertains too. “Item(s)” shall mean the goods and or services.

All information contained on the Company website(s) and or any other documentation thereof is the property of the Company. The reproducing of Company property for commercial gain is furthermore strictly prohibited unless specified in writing. The Company attempts to make sure information on our website(s) and or Company documentation is complete and current. The Company is not liable for any information containing inaccuracies however we welcome you to bring errors to our attention. Any Item(s) provided and governed by the law(s) of New Zealand. Information contained within the website(s) or Company documentation, like the terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Disclaimer of Liability
It will be necessary for us to attach to all financial statements prepared by us a Disclaimer of Liability in the following terms;

Terms of Compilation
“A compilation’s limited primarily to the collection, classification and summarisation of financial information supplied by the client. A compilation does not involve verification of that information. We have not carried out an Audit or a Review Assignment on the financial statements and therefore neither we nor any of our employees accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information which the financial statement’s been prepared. Furthermore the financial statement’s been prepared at the request of and for the purpose of our client only and neither we nor any of our employees accept any responsibility on any ground whatever, including liability in negligence, to any other person.”

You Understand and Agree
You will supply us with correct and complete information necessary to complete such statements and the responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the assertions in the financial statements remains with you and;

The financial statements prepared according to acceptable accounting principles, which includes Financial Reporting Standards and;

You accept responsibility for any failure to supply us with all relevant records and information and;

It is not intended that this engagement be relied upon to prevent or detect fraud and error and we wish to emphasise that responsibility for such prevention and detection must stay with your management.

Ownership of Documents
It’s agreed that ownership of all documents supplied by you to aid performance of our professional services shall stay your property. All documents produced by us following performance of our services, such as work papers, shall stay our property. It’s agreed that the above has no effect on our rights to claim a particular lien over books, records and other documents.

Our Fees
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all fees rendered by our firm get based on the value for time spent on each assignment and charged out at a minimum rate of $60 plus GST per hour.

Payment’s required in New Zealand dollars including the required taxes of said country. Payments may include yet not limited to; internet banking, cheque, credit card, or cash and the like. Where the Company provides a credit facility the terms are strictly seven (7) days unless otherwise agreed. The Company reserves the right to transfer debt ninety (90) plus days overdue to a nominated collection agency.

You agree to pay costs incurred in relation to any such debt collection unless the account is in formal dispute. You accept personal liability for fees which relate to the; Purchaser, Entity, Business, Individual, of which you are a Shareholder, Director or an Authorized Agent there of. This applies to all fees rendered by our firm for all work undertaken.

Payments owed by the Purchaser must occur on or before the specified date. If not one or more penalties as follows could apply at our discretion. [1] Where the terms of engagement’s broken the Company may revoke any discount given in part or full. [2] As per the subsection “Terms of Credit” for amounts outstanding, from the date of the invoice(s) of the overdue payment(s). [3] Via any other relevant term(s) and or condition(s) within any subsection(s) of such agreement(s) including within the “Payments” subsection.

Terms of Credit
All recovery costs incurred by Double D Works Limited arising out of your failure to pay by the due date. These include legal costs, disbursements and collection costs shall be payable by the Purchaser on demand. The Company may deduct money owed from a tax refund of the Purchaser. Overdue accounts are subject to late payment fee of $25 + GST per month. As an incorporated business the director(s) shall personally be liable for any debt of the Purchaser(s).

Taxpayer Penalties
Any penalties arising from lateness, errors, wrong estimates or for any other reason are payable by you as the taxpayer. We shall offer you help in meeting your obligations but any advice on payments and/or reminder letters received from us needs reviewing by yourself to check that the payment proposed appears reasonable and the date of payment is correct.

Important Note
As our client you receive a time extension to file your income tax returns. If you do not offer your records in time to prepare the returns by the due date you will receive a letter from Inland Revenue outlining your obligations. You may get charged a late filing penalty. If you’re charged a late filing penalty you will lose your extension of time privilege.

The Purchaser can rely on receiving a quality Item(s) knowing Double D Works Limited thoroughly checked it. Each Item reflects our commitment to make sure the purchaser receives a fair deal. We use secure financial systems to process payments. Privacy is important to the Company therefore we will never supply Purchaser information to third-parties unless required to by law.

Information on this site or elsewhere is not intended to replace consultation with qualified professionals. It’s up to the Purchaser to make an informed decision about their personal and or business affairs and act appropriately.