..we have it sorted..
Account Wise can provide so much more
than account management. We can help
you too get it sorted, whether it be in the
understanding of your financial's, or data
entry. We will develop a solid foundation
so your business has a workable solution.

About Account Wise...

Account Wise is a family owned and operated business based in Henderson, Auckland. The proprietors are Garth and Ivana Dryland, with Ivana being the main point of contact.

In February 1998 Ivana joined the family air conditioning business managing the office in an efficient and organised manner.

After a change of management in 2008 Garth and Ivana formed the core business Double D Works Ltd with the accounting / tax division trading as Account Wise.

Ivana has had extensive experience in book-keeping where she trained in 1990 at Gillian Inglis Business College doing an Executive Secretarial Course excelling in problem solving, accountancy and typing accuracy.

In 2000 Ivana attended Jumpstart MYOB courses and just recently in 2011 moved the Account Wise practice into the cloud becoming a Xero Certified Partner.

Both Garth and Ivana strive and achieve a high standard in workmanship and expect this same quality from our employees.

If for any reason something does not meet your expectations, we will with consultation and open communication work with you to clarify any such misunderstanding or alterations.

Account Wise brings efficiency and honesty, problem solving and dedication to your business. We can get any project done, whether it be big or small with our can do attitude.